Silloth Track 1964 - 1982

Silloth race track held its first meeting on Sunday 26th July 1964 Hosted by North East Motor Cycle Racing Club.

After a couple of meetings Solway Motorcyle Racing Club was formed with the inimitable Mr Jack Horsman taking control. Many of the great and good in the Motorcyle racing world came to Silloth. When the meetings were on there was a great buzz around the town.

On Sunday August 20th 1972 Silloth held a round of the British Motorcyle Racing Championship. With a 134 Solos and 42 Sidecars entered. At least 10,000 spectators were here a lot of them sitting on the hangar rooves.

The original track was 1.1 miles in a clockwise direction and carried on until the mid to late Seventies.

The last track was 2 miles and went in an anti-clockwise direction. Finishing in 1982.

A group of us tried to get it back in the early Nineties.

The main problem was accessing the track due to businesses on the old airfield. The old track is still there but it would need its own access road.

(l wish I could get the correct numbers)

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